YRS Manchester thanks you!

Manchester YRS at the Custard Factory in Birmingham

In early August MadLab hosted Young Rewired State 2012. If you didn’t catch the goings-on on the website, check out what we got up to here. We also captured the week on camera and video – click the link to see all our lovely mugs, captured for posterity.

We kept you up to date with what the YRSers were up to, but there was a veritable army of support from the community and we’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of them.

Mentors and helpers

YRS2012 at MadLabThank you for giving up your free time and/ or your holidays to teach, support and mentor. Thank you for taking the YRSers to Birmingham and back, for the lifts, for the long days. Thank you for washing-up, opening up and staying up. Thank you for inspiring young minds.

Thank you for being brilliant:
Graham Ashton, Mike Little, Ben Webb, Robin Gower, Dan Cryer, Sam Bail, DJ Adams, Ric Roberts, Nick Efford, John Le Drew, Corinne Davenport, Paul Remic, Seo Young Kim, David Govier, Kate Sutton, Yuwei Lin, Jane Riley, Lee Gardner, Lisa Mather, Erinma Ochu and Steven Flower (who was there in spirit, AKA France, and laid the substantial foundations for this year’s YRS Manchester).

Lightning Talks

Richard lightning talkWe had a stellar line-up of talks this year on a huge range of topics. Thank you for inspiring minds – both young and old. Take a bow: Karen Pudner (Late Rooms) Test Driven Development Kanban/Scrum – a simple step-by-step approach to coding problems, Will Simm How to use social media data in your projects, Yuwei Lin Making sense of the #gmp24 project, Jonathan Swinton Turing SunflowersGarima Singh & Maneesh Subherwal (Thoughtworks) who gave ‘a series of talks and support for the afternoon on various matters!’, Kate Sutton & Dave Govier (Manchester Archives) Introducing the local image collection, Alan Holding (MDDA) Introducing the Flickr API and the local image collection metadata Steve Devine (Manchester Museum) Introducing the Whitworth Landscape Paintings hack, Hernan Rizzuti (FDM) Hosting your website, Richard (FDM) Are you multilingual programmer? A quick five minutes on the similarities in language and how a developer has more transferable skills than he/she might think and to Ric Roberts for his talk on OpenData communities.

Sponsors and Donors

Mollyanne playing with her oomlout prizeWe would have been homeless, hungry, prize-less and pen-less without the generous help of the following organisations and individuals. You supported the biggest YRS 2012 group in the UK with over 30 kids this year! Please be upstanding for: Marc Manashil (Tech Soup Global) for their stonkingly brilliant donation, Ben Nunney (Microsoft UK) for the Kinect for Connor, Andrew Mohan (British Computer Society) for the goodie bags, Thoughtworks for the pens and pads, United Biscuits and Andrew Mohan for the Penguins!, Gill Pierog (Warburtons) for the pitta chips (demolished), Karen Engelbrecht (Peepcode) for the tutorials – these were great, HAC:Manchester and Manchester Archives for the laptop loans – thanks guys, Cisco for the pens, Ampersand Commerce for the food and pens (we had a great lunch), NAG for the pedometers (to walk the lunches off with) and pens, Heather Bridge (FDM) for the cool T-shirts, Andrew Kirkham at DRL, MOSI for their generous donation towards food (the chilli was excellent), Lancaster Catalyst for the superb prize money and to Oomlout who turned that prize money into prizes for every participant – all you guys ROCK!

Last but not least – to the YRSers and their AWESOME projects. We would say see you in 2013, but we’ve seen quite a lot of you at MadLab since! We look forward to continuing to support everything you do, however we can.

Team YRSMCR2012 Kids, mentors and supporters


This was our third year running and hosting a YRS centre. Big thanks and gratitude must go to the YRS HQ team, especially Emma and Neil, for sending people our way and making it all happen! It was great to see so many new YRS centres this year – especially Alan (a MadLab regular) and the team in Preston!

What Next?

We’ll be making some exciting announcements soon about the future of coding for U18s at MadLab as well as producing a mini report about everything we got up to during YRS 2012. Come back soon for updates.
Rachael (MadLab)

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