Your YRS needs YOU!

Can you help by donating food, prizes – or a laptop?

From the 6th-10th August, MadLab will be hosting YRS Manchester.  We’ve hosted it annually since it started in 2010 and over the years have seen it grow massively.  We were one of just a handful of centres back in those early days – and this year, we’re one of 50 throughout the UK!

Young Rewired State Manchester

If you’d like to know a bit more about YRS, here’s a link to the national page and you’ll find our YRS info here.

MadLab is one of the bigger centres and this year we’ll be hosting 30 (and counting) coders under 18, the youngest of whom is seven years old!

Our YRSers are brilliant. They’ve devised amazing stuff in just a few days and quite a few of them have gone on to be offered work experience in Silicon Valley (hello to YRSers currently in San Francisco!)

As well as asking for volunteers and experts we are calling on the wider community to help.

Maybe you can provide food for a day, or money to buy everyone a hot lunch (about £120) Perhaps you can offer a prize to give out to participants at the end of the week? We’d also like a couple of laptops (they don’t have to be new) to make sure everyone has access to one.

If you think you can help – please get in touch with MadLab.

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