Young Rewired State Manchester – 2012

Geek Meets Government

Title: Young Rewired State Manchester – 2012
Location: MadLab
Description: YRS is an annual hack week in August for young developers across the country to go and build visualisations, digital and/or non-digital products using government data, alongside working devs in businesses across the UK.
Date: 10-08-2012
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 13:00




The event in 2012 runs from the 6th to the 12th August. During that week businesses, small and large, around the country act as hosts to local young people, YRS alumni, Rewired State mentors and other volunteers. A challenge is set to build digital products: mobile and web, using at least one piece of open data.

It is free for every child to enter so long as they are aged 18 or under and have a rudimentary understanding of programming — although we do send out free resources in advance of the week for those who are unsure of their skills.

Young Rewired State is an initiative to give developers aged under 18 the chance to meet, share and build applications. MadLab has been the host to the summer YRS in both 2010, and 2011 - here are some photos from YRS 2011. Whatever your level or experience, If you are aged under 18 and into coding, then come and meet like-minds.

There will be plenty of chance to demo projects and share stories – please make sure you let us and your parents know you are coming.

For more information on Young Rewired State see <here>