Young Rewired State Manchester

Geek Meets Government

Title: Young Rewired State Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: A hack week for young developers across the country to go and build visualisations, digital and/or non-digital products using government data, alongside working devs in businesses across the UK
Start Date: 2010-08-02
Start Time: 10:30
End Date: 2010-08-05
End Time: 17:00

What is Young Rewired State?

YRS is a initiative that aims to support young developers and coders in using public data to build apps, websites and anything else that people may use. It is about mashing up and getting out there with data people may not have seen or experienced before.

Who can take part?

Anyone aged between 15-18.

Do I need to have skills?

The nature of Young Rewired State means that people will get quite technical. We will welcome people will programming/hacking experience and skills. However, if you are also interested in developing apps, websites or good uses of public data, then by all means come along.

Where else is it taking place?

YRS is taking place at centres across the country. So far, there are centres in Brighton, London, Norwich, Oxford, Birmingham and of course Manchester.

In Manchester we will be based at the MadLab – which is a well-know space for digital collaboration in the city centre.

What will happen?

We will meet on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the MadLab and work together on ideas and developments. On Friday 6th August we will take the train down to London to meet the other teams, show & tell our work and maybe get a prize!

What time will it be each day?

We can meet at MadLab at 10.30am each day, and try and finish around 5pm or so.

Who else is involved?

In Manchester we are supported by the MadLab, but then staff from Substance, Blackpool Council and Digital Freedom in Education and Youth. All support staff will be CRB checked and we will always be in a group.

Do I need to register?

Yes – there is a central registration form at YRS (, but we will also require you to complete our local one too.

What else do I need to do?

We need to know that you’ve told an responsible adult as to where you’ll be – particularly if you come to London. By all means, put them in contact with us, if there is anything not clear?

So, why should I do this?

We went on YRS last year and got lots out of it – including skills, contacts and pizza. We think YRS is the perfect opportunity to get involved in something very exciting and interesting…


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