Young Rewired State – 3rd year running at MadLab

Over the past two years we’ve held a weeklong Young Rewired State (YRS) event here at MadLab.

YRS is aimed at providing the space and opportunity for those aged 18 and under to learn/develop/share coding skills.  Each year, we’ve opened up MadLab and been amazed at the talent, teamwork and sheer niceness of the young people that come along. There has been plenty of coverage, from the open data bus timetable app, through to a Guardian profile of one participant, leading to a national Coding for Kids campaign.

This year YRS will be between 6th – 11th August.  As ever, MadLab will host coders for the week. This year, the YRS have moved the Friday show-and-tell in London up a notch, to become a night of camp and code, pizza and camaraderie at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park

Young Rewired State Manchester

Making YRS 2012 happen at MadLab

To make sure YRS is a success at MadLab in 2012, we’re holding a short briefing/planning meeting on Monday April 30th, between 4-6pm.

We’re keen to involve those around MadLab to provide support. It doesn’t have to mean a whole week – if you can spare some time, code and/or pizza we’d appreciate it. Our main goal is to ensure that we create the space for this to happen again.

Let us know if you can come along: Monday 30th April, 4-6pm.

People can also pledge to financially support YRS

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