XP Manchester XL2

XP Manchester

Title: XP Manchester XL2
Location: MadLab
Description: XP-Manchester is a regional group with the goal of promoting, discussing, practicing, learning and generally showing an interest in eXtreme Programming, test-driven development, kanban, etc.
Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2011-05-21
End Time: 17:00

Please book your place

Following the success of our last all day session, we’ve set another one up!

There’ll be plenty of collaborative coding with people of all XP experience! Bring a laptop if you have one, but in true XP style, all coding will be done in pairs, so if you don’t have one, come along anyway!

The day will aim to practice aspects of XP including TDD, Pair Programming, Refactoring, and Continous Delivery through various exercises. We may even have a competition!!

This event is sponsored by theBCS, find out more about BCS, The Chatered Institute for IT, at www.bcs.org and www.bcsmanchester.org.uk

BCS Manchester

Please book your place We look forward to seeing everyone!