Workers of Manchester – Past and Present

Workers of Manchester - Past and Present

Title: Workers of Manchester – Past and Present
Location: MadLab
Description: MadLab Penny Theatre presents a night of films for your viewing entertainment.
Date: 05-04-2013
Start Time: 18:00
End Time: 21:00
Booking: Get your penny ticket – inflated to current rates

Come one, come all to the greatest show in the North!

Before Megaplexes, before the Hacienda – if you wanted a night out after toiling at the mills, you went to the Penny Gaff. With a high rate of poverty amongst the predominantly working classes, entertainment at the theatre (or early cinema) was impossible for most.

Thomass Whiteley Travelling Showman, 1910

To draw back the curtains into the past, for one night only, MadLab will be seeped in the inception and growth of early mass entertainment. Come down and enjoy a show with your fellow workers, while we put on a night of thrills and spills – of cotton bales and more.

Experience the thrills and excitement of two ‘moving pictures’ from the North West Film Archive accompanied by the musical talents of Sam (he’ll always play it again).

But that’s not all – history is nothing if we don’t learn from it. We’ll also be screening films made by local film groups using some of the footage from the North West Film Archive.

See our post about the short film challenge if you’d like to know more about submitting a film to the Penny Theatre roster.

Heritage Lottery FundWorkers of Manchester is a series of MadLab events about the history of the Northern Quarter, called The Ghosts of St Pauls. Stay tuned for further details. There will be discombobulations.

This project is supported by an ‘All Our Stories’ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

All Our Stories, a brand new small grant programme, launched earlier this year in support of BBC Two’s The Great British Story – has been designed as an opportunity for everyone to get involved in their heritage. With HLF funding and support, community groups will carry out activities that help people explore, share and celebrate their local heritage.