Web Programming with SAP’s Internet Communication Framework


Title: Web Programming with SAP’s Internet Communication Framework
Location: MadLab
Description: With web-scale integration becoming increasingly important in the SAP and enterprise software world, understanding the framework that underpins SAP’s offerings in this area is crucial, whether you want to extend your end-to-end integration process knowledge, embrace and adopt existing web offerings from SAP, or roll your own HTTP services.
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2011-09-05
End Time: 17:30
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SAP’s Internet Communication Framework (ICF) is the platform that underpins the majority of SAP’s offerings in this space, even SAP NetWeaver Gateway. This 2-day course will help you gain a detailed understanding of the framework, harness its power, and unleash your own resource orientated web service masterpieces!

Get that Competitive Edge

Why is this course important? Well, if you’ve already read this far, you probably have an inkling that the web is where it’s at, and more specifically, in the SAP universe, HTTP is where it’s at from an interfacing and platform extension perspective. Want to get involved in building mobile apps and be the backend SAP guru for all forms of modern web-based integration? Do you have a desire to upskill to the next level of SAP integration? Sharpen your competitive edge in an increasingly commoditised industry.

What you need to be familiar with

To benefit from this course, you need to have a basic understanding of SAP and web services, basic knowledge of HTTP, and some ABAP programming experience.


We will be using an SAP NetWeaver 7 system, which has all the components we need for the course. We’ll be using SAPGUI to connect, which can be downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace or from the SAP Developer Network (SDN). We highly recommend that you become a member of the SAP Community Network (of which SDN is a part) if you aren’t already.

Equipment you’ll need

You’ll need to bring your own wifi-capable laptop, with SAPGUI installed. If you are members of SDN we can make the SAPGUI Windows and Java versions available to you on the day too, but we recommend you bring your laptop with SAPGUI pre-installed.

Suggested preparatory work

Familiarise yourself with the SAP Help topics on the ICF, and keep an eye on the SDN weblog posts pertaining to web services, Gateway and the ICF.

Learning Outcomes

You will gain a detailed understanding of SAP’s underlying mechanisms for HTTP communications.

You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to build, debug and deploy HTTP orientated interfaces into and out of SAP enterprise systems.

You’ll also have some exposure to tips, tricks and tools outside of SAP to help in debugging and testing.

About the tutor

DJ Adams is an O’Reilly author, SAP Mentor and a 24-year veteran of SAP technologies. He started out extending SAP R/2 modules in S/370 assembler and after integrating SAP and non-SAP systems with web programming since the mid 1990′s is now recognised as a thought leader in this space.

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