Web Design Foundations at the Omniversity

The Omniversity of Manchester is announcing its new Web Design Foundations course. This is a four part modular course aimed at anyone who wants to learn about how the Web works from the very basic beginnings and be taken step by step, in a friendly informal style, up to the point where they know how to build a basic modern best practices web site and put it online.
This includes a bit of theory, but it largely focuses on getting your hands dirty with code (such as HTML and CSS), and learning how it really works.
Based on the Omniversity Crowd Sourced Curriculum Survey, we’ve found an overwhelming number of people who would like to get to grips with the basics of web design. Like previous course’s at the Omniversity, this is a hands on course, and will take you though from the very basics to advanced topics.
Taking into account learning time preferences gleaned from the survey, we are offering these courses on Monday evenings, with the exception of the Advanced HTML , which is a Monday afternoon to evening class.
You can join in at the level you think you need. We are running
  1. Web Design Foundations 1 : Introduction to the Web, and web design
  2. Web Design Foundations 2 : HTML Basics
  3. Web Design Foundations 3 : CSS Basics
  4. Web Design Foundations 4 : Advanced HTML & CSS Topics

This course is taught by Chris Mills, an open standards evangelist and tech writer in the Developer Relations team at Opera Software. When’s he’s not touring with his band, you can catch him at the Standards>Next events at the MadLab.

The first modular begins on the 14th of March, and runs through in blocks until the 18th of April. The idea is that you can jump in at any level you want – so if you want to fast track yourself through the world of web design, you can take the whole course, but if you only need to brush up on your CSS, then all you need is one of the four modules.

Keep a look out for what else the Omniversity is running too, with plenty more to come.

See you there!

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