Web Design Foundation – One Learner’s Tale

A good friend of MadLab, Simon Carter, went along to the first of the four piece Web Design Foundation course, run within MadLab. Its designed so anyone can fit into it whatever their previous knowledge, whether thats an absolute novice or simply wanting to brush up on some techniques. Heres an insight into his thoughts.
“The laid back style of Chris’s presentation suited the course perfectly. Chris is a technical type for Opera (they of the web browser fame), so his technical credentials are solid. Chris talks to you in language you can understand. Many technical trainers can miss this and use jargon-laced language that’s hard to penetrate. Chris’s approach is to use the terminology sparingly, ensuring that the audience understands and are comfortable at every stage. The material was interspersed with real world anecdotes, with ample opportunities to ask questions and share insights”.

See more of Simon Carters scripting on the subject here, and take a look at Part 2 of the Web Design course.

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