VVVV round 2

Due to poplar demand, we are running Elliot’s VVVV + Projection Mapping courses again. VVVV is powerful toolkit of media technologies, boasting a glut of built in functionality, tools and examples. You can safely presume that you can get it to interface with almost anything you want, it can generate almost anything you want. There aren’t any other media toolkits that can perform so much ‘out of the box’, having you projecting kinect tracked video onto buildings or controlling robot arms from twitter in days rather than weeks. According to Elliot,

it can usurp all other platforms in terms of development speed, power and flexibility.

VVVV + MapTools : introduction to the tools of projection mapping (2) from Prohyena on Vimeo.

The true power of the tool lies within the elegance within which it makes its features available. VVVV has been used for :

  • Long term installations (>3 years runtime)
  • Quick installations (<10mins to develop) Vast installations (>50 projectors)
  • Deployed installations (>50 units)
  • TV shows (The X Factor)
  • Hosting websites
  • Making my mobile phone ring when the postman arrives if I’m at the cafe downstairs (1 hour development)
  • Almost anything

This 2 day course is a hands on ‘by the seat of your pants’ tour of VVVV’s features and how to get started with each bit. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a testimonial from a past attendee.

I really feel like I’ve learned a proper, brand-new skill. And I’m not done yet! By happy coincidence, I’m already working on a projection piece at work, and after doing this course I’ve switched it up a little and we’ll be projection mapping onto objects instead of a flat surface.

More information and sign up here. Hope to see you there!

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