vvvv is coming back

3D projection-mapping pro Elliot Woods is coming back to the Omniversity to run vvvv + MapTools again later this year. When we’ve held this course in the past, attendees have come from local digital and creative agencies, from universities – and from as far away as Sweden and Canada!

Here’s Elliot with a few words on what 3D projection mapping is:

“It’s the act of re-projecting a virtual 3D object onto its real world counterpart using a video projector, whereby all the features of the real object which are visible from the point of view of the projector have an image projected onto them, and this image is ‘extracted’ from the corresponding surfaces of the virtual counterpart object. Augmenting the virtual object then results in an implicit augmentation of the real world object.”

Elliot’s now gearing up for hosting his third course at MadLab by releasing a tutorial on createdigitalmotion.com.

We’re still confirming dates as Elliot is working between Manchester and South Korea, but the course is likely to take place in late summer or early autumn. Please take a few seconds to register your interest here and we’ll keep you up-to-date.

And finally, here’s a short video shot during our last vvvv + Map Tools course:

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