Title: Undiscovered
Location: MadLab
Description: New group for photography lovers.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-01-13
End Time: 21:00

Welcome to the all-new home for Undiscovered. Don’t worry, the Flickr albums and group still exist to show off our work and to talk all things photography, but we thought we needed more of a “shop front” to show ourselves off and talk about what we do, so here it is.

Here’s the programme for a refreshed Undiscovered in the first quarter of 2011. We’re going to split each session between an activity/demo/talk and then the regular, themed “show-and-tell”. Once we’re up and running again we’ll open up an area of the Flickr discussion group for you to suggest future themes. Also, keep an eye out early in the year for news of a Summer Exhibition!

January (Thursday 13th)

  • Talk: DSLRs for beginners
  • Show-&-Tell: “Winter Colours”


The DSLR for beginners talk will be given by Ian Simpson from Slaughterhouse Studios. Check out their very pretty blog, and follow them on twitter.

Ian has worked in the industry, in one shape or another, for 21 years. It has taken him around the globe, allowed him to work with some amazing people, become inspired by the little observations in life.

“Working in analogue photography all these years until having my hand forced into digital has made be believe that digital photography has done more good for not so good photographers and nothing at all for very good photographers.”


If you were lucky enough to take advantage of the early Winter weather, bring along some of your favourite snaps and show us your handywork. We’re not looking for technical skill or expensive equipment – just let us see something you’re proud of; you may well be just the inspiration that someone else is looking for! You can add your photos to the Flickr Group before the meet.

If you are coming to this meeting, please leave a comment!


February (Thursday 10th)

  • Talk: DIY Photo Studio
  • Show-&-Tell: “Photo Hack”

March (Thursday 10th)

  • Talk: Gig Photography
  • Show-&-Tell: “Wet”


See you then, a link to the flickr group. Add yours!

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