Location: MadLab
Description: The first ever U³ – the Ubuntu and Upstream UnWorkshop day
Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2010-08-28
End Time: 19:00

The day will be a series of attendee-led ad-hoc talks and workshops, and is held in collaboration with HACMan, ManLUG and Manchester Free Software, and is inspired by the Ubuntu Global Jam event which is being held on the same weekend.

It’s an opportunity to help show users how to get involved in wider distribution work – both in the projects they’re using already (maybe Ubuntu, maybe just some specific Free & Open Source applications) but also in the ‘upstream’ projects, such as Debian, Gnome and others.

Because we’ve got limited space, we can only allocate 60 tickets, and to make it fair for everyone, we’re giving people access to these tickets in two waves, one from 1PM on Thursday 12th August, and the second at 7pm, but if you’re able to come along to help out with technical information or guidance, please let us know and we’ll make sure that you’re invited when the flood gates open!

Go to http://u-cubed.eventbrite.com to reserve your ticket now!