Transit of Venus

We can’t give you the stars – but we can promise you a (literally) once-in-a-lifetime planetary experience.

This June, Venus will pass between the Sun and the Earth for the last time until 2117. When, let’s face it, it’s a bit unlikely any of us will still be around to see it. Rather excitingly, there’s a local link as one of the first two people to ever record this planetary alignment in 1639 – William Crabtree – lived in a tiny hamlet in what is now part of Salford. There’s even a mural depicting this momentous occasion in Manchester Town Hall.

MadLab is hosting a one-off event at Crabtree’s home where we’ll join a NASA feed that’ll chart the transit from a space-base in Hawaii. There’ll be talks from scientists, a recreation of the transit as seen in the 17th century, space-themed music and more. If you’re not sure you can make the next transit of Venus, best make sure you come to this one.

For further details and to book, click here