The Transit of Venus is upon us

Venus Transit 2004
Just a week to go until the Transit of Venus, and if you’re looking for an alternative to all the Jubilee Celebrations come and join us in Salford on the night of the 5th June.

We’ll be hosting a bit of a do at William Crabtree’s house in Salford – the first person to spot Venus passing in front of the Sun in 1639. Twenty-nine year-old citizen-scientist Crabtree stole a march on all the astronomy bigwigs of his day – and his measurements proved the theory that the Earth rotated around the Sun, how big Venus is and how far away from the Earth it is.

Ford Madox Brown marked the event by painting a huge mural of it which can be seen today in Manchester Town Hall.

We’ll be joined on the night by NASA scientists in Hawaii, from where the Transit is being recorded. They’ll be giving us an exclusive guided tour on the night, as well as a talk on the significance of the event. FInd out more on their Sun Earth Day website here. Also with us will be Tim O’Brien from Jodrell Bank. He’ll be helping us to kick off the live feed of the transit at 11pm as well as recording some of his Radio Five Live programme for broadcast at midnight on the BBC. We’ll also be recreating Ford Madox Brown’s picture in situ, as well as having a bit of a barbeque if the weather holds!

Entrance is just a tenner and covers entry, a donation to MadLab, food and drink.

For more details and to book, please click here.