Threewitter aftermath

What do you call a Flickr/Twitter crossover?
lovely cakes
Would it be Twickr or Flitter? Whatever the official title is, we called it Threewitter.

Threewitter was born of 140 characters of fun, a modest suggestion for a tea party that’s seen three events and plans for more. The concept of Teawitter is to bring together twitterers over tea (or coffee) and home made food. A chance to socialise, meet old friends, make new ones and chat about whatever comes to mind.

Oh yes, and to tweet about it!

Threewitter however dared to cross the social media streams. Linking in with Sweet Mandarin, we joined the local Flickr meet-up with Teawitter and lo! Threewitter the cream tea occurred!

Threewitter was unique in that after chatting with Helen and Lisa of @sweetmandarin, we linked social media events. Both Helen and Lisa are avid photographers (and excellent chefs!) and were holding a Flickr meet-up that day. Like some social media version of west side story, the jets (twitterers) and the sharks (flickrers) met up, and rather than fight, drank tea, ate dim sum and had a great time.

Embracing the baking skills of @Beks78, @The_LadyLark, @ThermobaricTom, @Alt_ChrisCarter, together with the organising skills and belief this could work of @SmesCrater Threewitter attracted 45 people (twitterers and non-twitterers alike) in total, co-opted a walking Flickr group and politely invaded Sweet Mandarin! This is what Sunday afternoons are all about with a deipnosophic and tsiological time being had by all :-)

The Flickr group

Slideshow one

Slideshow two

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