The Teawitter Picnic


Title: The Teawitter Picnic
Location: MadLab
Description: TeaWitter social event
Start Time: 13:00
Date: 2011-06-05
End Time: 18:00

Summer is sort of here, the weather is getting warm, so what about having a lovely picnic? Well, we say picnic, we mean finger food, tea, sticky buns and all under the lovely roof of madlab!

Please do come along, make as much as you like, and don’t feel the need to stick to cake!

The format is simple, make something to share, bring it along, we’ll keep you in tea, coffee and whatever else you want to drink. Come meet friends old and new and put a friendly face to the online crowd!

See everyone there. :)

Don’t forget we’ll be shaking a donation tin at you during the event, proceeds going towards the running and upkeep of our lovely Madlab!

To book your place, please see the eventbrite link