The Creative’s Approach to Project Management

Digital Matters: MDDA’S Business Development Programme

Title: The Creative’s Approach to Project Management
Location: MadLab
Description: DIGITAL MATTERS: MDDA’S BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. A practical session aimed at introducing the delegates to focused themes essential to good project management as well as business planning.
Start Time: 16:00
Date: 2010-12-08
End Time: 19:00
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A practical session aimed at introducing the delegates to focused themes essential to good project management as well as business planning. The session will link the ability of the delegates to review time and cost management skills with need to effectively breakdown tasks and activities that meet the requirements of the business as well as the customer. These actions should ensure that your delivery of the project is feasible and profitable within the requirements of the customer’s tender.

The structure of this session will be delivered over two integrated workshops. It has been designed to enable delegates to ‘take away’ techniques, processes and tools appropriate to their own business’s needs. It will include the opportunity to design your own action plan which is appropriate to your businesses resources, expertise and involvement in the tendering process.

Due to the practical nature of the event places will be limited to 14 delegates to ensure maximum time to reflect, share experiences as well as develop appropriate actions for your own businesses.

The event will seek to cover:

  • Open up your business to the external and internal benefits that could be gained from selective use of project management techniques within your creative / digital business. Consider practical and easily adoptable elements of project management that would be suitable for your business.
  • Develop an understanding of ‘requirement analysis’ and defining the customers actual needs and/or requirements. Expand your awareness of the techniques in break down tasks / projects into measurable and meaningful objectives which can then be effectively scheduled. Consider how you might apply evaluate tools to the project to ensure that you are delivering what the customer has asked for.
  • Develop manageable ways and processes to effectively improve time (and cost) management within your work and projects. Consider what processes could be utilised to monitoring and control our work activities. Examine how feasible the customer’s requirements are within a tender document and consider how you might allocation a project cost to the required proposal
  • Develop your business’s action plan to implement project management

The event will commence at 4.00pm with short introduction:

Consider the external and internal benefits of Project Management to the small digital & creative agency or freelancer.

This will be followed by two workshops (1 hour x 2), lead by practitioner who have been successful in developing activities and strategies which have  enhanced their businesses.

Workshop One

  • Introduce the concept of “Requirement Analysis”
  • Defining the customer’s needs and requirements
  • Introduce Task Analysis and Scheduling – Measureable and Meaningful Objectives
  • Consider evaluative tools for projects
  • Exploring the paradox of customer requirements and the profitable project

Workshop Two

  • Explore time and cost management principles
  • Consider priority setting processes
  • Review monitoring and control mechanism for work activities
  • Matching customer requirements with tender document
  • Consider facts necessary to allocate cost to tender proposal

The event will conclude with an informal session of Q & A and action planning over cold beers / soft drinks.

The Workshop Leader: Nicola Teece