The Boot Strapping Startup Show and Tell Night

Last week Josh and I “launched” Northology at the very friendly Social Media Cafe. Friendly until I mentioned that we weren’t really going to be covering web design and social media companies but concentrating on Technology Startups. The crowd turned against us and I only just escaped with my life!

Tonight I’m at Manchester MadLab for the Boot Strap Business Club “Show and Tell” event which is all about tech companies who are making new products and services which are able to pay for them selves from day one. Here’s the “live” blog. Please comment below or email me with any comments or corrections I need to make.

Tekin (@tekin) is opening the event then presenting - Still in beta with MadLab as one of the testers. A all in one solution for venues and event promoters to advertise the event across their many social media sites all in one go then track how effective the the links are. Lessons from the founders: Charge your Beta Testers, they’ll be more likely to give you honest feedback if they are paying for the service.

Next up Ric Roberts from Publish My Data service where people can upload any type of data who can then licence that data to anyone who wants to pay for it. Aimed at the public sector. Ric was working on Publish My Data part time but has recently gone full time on the project. It is now turning over tens of thousands a quarter and is aiming to productize and grow the service to scale by using SaaS SPARQL as an end point service.

Third up is John Ratcliffe @johnratcliffe with Club Together. Really great idea! A suit of online apps helping people joint own properties deal with issues around their holiday homes, cabins, caravans, narrow boats, etc. Avoid booking clashes, online diary, track and share financial transactions. Rails Web app plus mobile apps coming soon. Risks? John isn’t sure the market is there for it yet and the need may be met by Google Docs and Facebook Groups. We’ll see.

Lukas White (@lukaswhite) is trying to turn messaging on it’s head with by allowing group menders to choose the way they receive messages from lecturers, managers, team leaders, etc. They chose if they want to be pinged on email, text message, voice message, twitter. Audience member suggests they should offer the product to National Rail! Funded by the people sending the message. Apps coming soon.

Just a note to add here: Each bloke is given 5 mins to present and answer any questions. I say bloke because there is a serious lack of females in the room. None? Maybe one?

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Written by, Nathan Rae.