Take a Virtual Tour of Madlab!

Thanks to 360spin for creating the Google tour of Madlab, where you’ll get to visit us and see what we’re all about without stepping a foot outside your room.

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Essentially a street view for businesses, the Google tour was made by stitching photographs of the interior together to create a complete panorama. The photographs were taken by Google trusted photographer Nicola Williams whose high quality images help make the virtual walkabout fully immersive. In this tour, you get to look around our main area on the ground floor and then go straight to the second floor, through a clever little transdimensional portal on the stairs.

The virtual tours are actually incorporated into Google maps street view so you can not only find your way to us from home, but also step in off the street to check out the venue. So check it out, have a look and see if we’re the ideal venue for you!

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