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MadLab Raspberry Pi + Scratch workshop in Korea

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

On a sunny Saturday on the 11th of May, MadLab was invited to speak and run a physical computing workshop for Anyang Public Art Project (APAP)’s Making Lab (만들자 연구실) in South Korea. It was a wonderful experience meeting people from the other side of the world who are into creative technologies as much as MadLab.APAP workshop

Mitch Altman Workshop & Ye Olde Hack Day Review.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

TV-B-Gone soldered circuit boards and decapitated doll’s head automata. Some may call this mischievous, but here at MadLab we call it creative inventive FUN!



The weekend of the 2rd May saw MadLab host three innovative tutors who travelled from as far as sunny America to ‘sunny’ Manchester to lead workshops in soldering and automata creation, Victorian style! Both events were highly attended and culminated with a collection of extremely happy participants, and a rather messy MadLab!


Nesta Hot Topics

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Open PCR
Our afternoon workshop is now fully-booked but there are a few places still left for the evening panel session. To book, please see the link at the bottom of the page.

In the same way that 3D printing is revolutionising product manufacturing, low cost biological equipment is changing how we produce novel biotechnology. Microbrewing was the first industry to grab this opportunity. Experimentation with brewing techniques led to a renaissance in local breweries. But what could be next, and how do we develop the skills to work with these technologies outside the lab?

There are now several open biolabs facilities around the world, aiming to help anyone experiment with biological techniques. There are also echoes of the open source computing community, with the same emphasis on shared tools and collaboration. But are there are good reasons why this could be a lot harder than programming a 3D printer or producing a website.

Biological organisms do not follow the neat logic of a software program. They interact in unpredictable ways; they need care and time to grow; and, fundamentally, they come with the unknowns of natural systems rather than the order of manmade technologies. The complexities of biology might limit the potential success of amateur initiatives.

As biological tools become part of the armory of today’s innovation, is there a new set of skills and norms that come along with these? How does the routine of the lab mash with a creative hack culture? And what level of understanding do you need to do something truly inventive with a petri dish rather than html?

Nesta have teamed up with MadLab to run an event on 7 February. It will start with an afternoon workshop (introducing biohacking in a biolab space), followed by an evening panel discussion on the theme of biological literacy. The panelists include; Asa Calow, DIY Biologist and Founder and Director of the MadLab in Manchester; John O’Shea, artist and creator of the world’s first bio-engineered football; Philipp Boeing, UCL iGem and London Biohackers and Rod Dillon, lecturer in biomedicine, School of Health and Medicine, Lancaster University.

The workshop is designed as a taster for those with little knowledge of these techniques, but more experienced users are also welcomed for the panel discussion.



Registration: 2.30pm

Workshop: 3-5pm


Registration and refreshments: 6.30pm

Evening panel discussion: 7.30-9pm


To book a place on the afternoon workshop, please follow this link - and -

To attend the panel discussion, please follow this link.


Literature Northwest eBook Production Workshop

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Literature North West

Title: Literature Northwest eBook Production Workshop
Location: MadLab
Description: Literature Northwest are hosting a practical workshop aimed at independent publishers who want to learn how make eBooks to a high standard, in-house.
Date: 31-01-2013
Start Time: 13:00
End Time: 17:00




The session will run twice, with one session for Mac OS users (on 31st January) and one for Windows OS users (7th February).

It’ll be led by Jim Hinks, of Manchester independent Comma Press, who for the past couple of years has overseen Comma’s eBook production. Jim is self-taught, and sympathetic to the challenge of learning eBook production from scratch!

The session will cover all aspects of eBook conversion into ePub (for Kobo and Nook) and MOBI (Kindle) formats, in a step-by-step practical session, including extracting html from inDesign files, ensuring ePub-3 compliant html and CSS, building contents pages (and automatic TOC generation), adding metadata, and testing.
Please note – the session will assume participants already have some basic experience of working with html (e.g. simple updates to content on your blog/website). If you’re an absolute beginner at html and want to attend, it’d be advisable to get a handle on the key principles. You can find some step-by-step guides to html formatting here:

What you’ll need to bring:

1) Your laptop
2) An inDesign, rtf, or html file of the book you want to convert
3) Metadata (bibliographic information and blurb) for the book you’re converting.
4) A high-res jpeg (minimum 600×800) of the book’s cover.
5) Any other image files from the book, in jpeg format.
6) You’ll also need download and install the latest version of these two software applications (they’re free!): Sigil –

Kindle Previewer -
7) If you own an eReader, it’d be useful to bring it, along with a USB cable.

Places are limited, so if you want to attend, please contact (and CC as soon as possible to book your place.

Legal Workshop – Introduction to Contracts

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Legal Workshop

Title: Legal Workshop – Introduction to Contracts
Location: MadLab
Description: 2 hour legal workshop about Contracts with Suzy Weeks,
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2012-02-03
End Time: 16:00
Booking:  Essential. Free, but places are limited.

We are very excited to welcome Suzy Weeks, Senior Solicitor from National Law Firm DWF LLP. Suzy will give a two hour legal workshop at MadLab. The topics Suzy intends to cover are set out below and it is hoped that at the end of the interactive session you will be that bit more clued up about how contracts work in general and that you will be able to navigate your way round two frequently used contracts; the confidentiality agreement and the consultancy agreement.

1. Introduction to contracts

  • Basic overview of contract law
  • A bird’s eye view of a contract lifecycle
  • Q&A

2. Dissection of an NDA/confidentiality agreement

  • What does it mean and why is it in there?
  • Know what you are signing up to
  • Q&A

3. Dissection of a freelance agreement/consultancy agreement

  • What does it mean and why is it in there?
  • know what you are signing up to
  • Q&A

Suzy is a senior solicitor in the non-contentious commercial and intellectual property team at DWF LLP, she is also a key member of DWF’s outsourcing and technology team. She specialises in non-contentious commercial and intellectual property law and has a particular interest in e-commerce and m-commerce agreements, consumer law, advertising law and intellectual property exploitation agreements and is increasingly becoming involved in more
and more IT and Outsourcing contracts.

The team that Suzy works with at DWF is believed to be the largest non-contentious commercial & outsourcing law team in the North West of England which has been nominated for the British Legal Awards 2011 “Commercial team of the year”.