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Amy’s Game of Life

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

100_1672It’s a huge privilege for us to see so many people come together at MadLab, learning new skills and finding whole new areas of interests through the many and varied groups that meet here. This certainly holds true in the case of Amy Mather, who stunned us all with her humanitarian ‘Wood Street Mission App‘ that earned her a special mention at last years’ Young Rewired State, a nationwide coding event where under-18s are encouraged to get together and produce apps and new software for the benefit of their community.

Since then she has gone on from strength to strength, getting more involved with the Raspberry Pi through the Raspberry Jam sessions held here at MadLab (the next meet up will be on 13th April if you feel inspired to have a go!) and presenting at conferences and events like the Manchester Girl Geek’s BarCamp (check out #bracamp on twitter for more information). Here is an account about her talk at the Raspberry Jamboree:


Manchester Raspberry Jam Continued

Monday, September 10th, 2012

I’ve now hosted four Raspberry Jams in Manchester. I posted about the first and second, here’s a summary of what went on at III & IV.

The August Manchester Raspberry Jam kicked off when Kat opened up the Madlaband I gave an opening talk about what had been going on in the news in theRaspberry Pi community, featuring announcements like Raspbian and the Gertboard, and showed examples of what people have been doing with their Pis – includingFreaky Clown ruinning Metasploit (a pen testing tool) to the Pi and my personal favourite, Pi in the Sky – the first Raspberry Pi to visit near space. I then got people to write down what they wanted to learn, or what they needed help with, and then what they would be able to help others with, and tried to pair or group people together to work on things. (more…)

The Raspberry PI meet again

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Joseph and I took delivery of our Raspberry Pi earlier this year, and today attended the Manchester Raspberry Jam held at Madlab, a group of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts getting together to share experiences of this micro computer that seems to have re-kindled the hacking passion of 30 years ago. I say 30 years ago because the last time I remember this sort of passion and interest was when I used to attend a local computer club, where members showed their latest hardware and software projects based on micros like the Acorn Atom and others of that era. Home-made cases, low-level programming and soldering were the norm, and are the norm again. (more…)