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Team Snail is Go!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Wednesday 22nd June saw this month’s meeting of the DIYBio group. Because there’s so much different stuff happening in the group these days, we decided it would be good to concentrate people’s efforts on things they were most interested in. So ‘team co-ordinators’ volunteered to lead teams to work on specific projects that we’ve come up with.

Team Kit will be developing home made versions of the lab equipment that is used for DNA fingerprinting. The plan is to compare them to the professional versions, and perhaps use them to do some exciting experiments!

Team Microbe are continuing the work started by the whole group on the Manchester Microbe Map. The data is all in, but needs to be analysed and visualised so that it can be read easily in a way that tells us something interesting.

The major excitement of the evening came with the arrival of the DIYBio snails, to be managed by Team Snail! (more…)