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Bokeh_Yeah! Film Narrative Session

Friday, November 11th, 2011

I went along to the latest Bokeh_Yeah! session last night at Madlab on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter. Sadly I missed the last one on lighting so I was determined to make this one. I had a bit of a blonde moment when I arrived, wandering in to the building next door, heading up the stairs to the second floor thinking I’m sure it didn’t look like this last time, before I conceded that I had indeed made a mistake and I was in the wrong building. The sign for MadLab is quite discreet, just a small one by the door. I wandered out again and then headed through the right door and up the stairs grateful to see Adele and two new people who were not at the last session I went to. This session was on Film Narrative. Ra Page of Comma Press, led us very concisely through the Three Act Structure of Conflict, Escalation and Resolution, common devices such as the best friend and the false friend and the 7 story plots (some say 3, some say 8 ) which all dramatic films conform to, and which also apply to story writing. (more…)