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Dr Sketchy hits the high seas

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Arrrrrrr, it was all aboard for June’s Dr Sketchy Manchester and a Pirates of the Northern Quarter special.

Dr Sketchy's Manchester

Doing the posing honours for us was Suzie Sequin who performer her saucy sailorette turned playful pirate routine. And accompanying her was the scurvy ridden sailor Jim Sparrow, Jack Sparrow’s brother from up north! Jim was a little worse for wear which made it tough for the winner of one of the sketching competitions who was challenged to draw a tattoo on our old sea dog. Jim ended up with a rather brilliant but rather confused looking sheep on his arm. The piratey pair took part in a duel unfortunately Jim brought a pirate’s cutlass to a gun fight but luckily the two made it up at the end. (more…)