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Some(w)here Launch

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


Title: Some(w)here Launch
Location: MadLab
Date: 12-12-2012
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00







Some(w)here is an interim exhibition of the 2nd and 3rd BA (Hons) Contemporary Photography course at Stockport College. All aspects of the show have been planned and organised by the students providing experience of putting on an exhibition. Opening Times The preview is on Wednesday 12th – 7-9pm . There is an open day to view and discuss student’s portfolio work Thursday 11-4pm and Friday 11-12.30.

Jane Rogers’ Hitting Trees with Sticks Launch

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Hitting Trees with Sticks

Title: Jane Rogers’ Hitting Trees with Sticks Launch
Location: MadLab
Description: Jane Rogers’ Hitting Trees with Sticks with Annie Clarkson.
Date: 29-11-2012
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00
Free entry





Comma Press invites you to…

Jane Rogers’ Hitting Trees with Sticks
The Manchester Launch
‘Thrilling, ambitious stories that cross continents and soar from cells to stars.’ – Maggie Gee

‘Warm, wise, insightful, sharply observed and beautifully written – each story is a world in microcosm.’ – Marina Lewycka

‘There is nothing predictable about a Jane Rogers story. She has the confidence and skill to inhabit many different voices and different worlds. She slides the reader, in imagination, to a snow-bound France, to Africa, to the Caribbean: she takes us into offices and libraries, under the sea and into the forest, and also into the vast untrodden country of memory that we carry around inside. Her observation of our species is tender, precise, illuminating.’ – Hilary Mantel

                       Jane Rogers  Hitting Trees With Sticks

Join us for the launch of award-winning author Jane Rogers’ debut short story collection Hitting Trees with Sticks, published by Comma, autumn 2012.

About the book

The characters in Jane Rogers’ first short story collection are each blessed with an unwavering conviction. Buoyed up on self-belief, they enthuse, take calculated risks, and refuse to be deterred by the odds stacked against them. But just as Rogers’ compassion as a writer endears us to their cause, her keen eye shows how fine the balance can be between conviction and self-delusion. At times, her subject seems to be the fallibility of any point of view, the persistence of blind spots no matter how careful or intelligent the viewer. Hers are not unreliable narrators, merely human ones – diverse, contradictory, imperfect. Indeed it is often their flaws that beguile us. More info here. 

Jane Rogers has published seven novels, written original television and radio drama, and adapted work (her own and others’) for radio and TV. Her novels include Mr Wroe’s VirginsThe Voyage Home and The Testament of Jessie Lamb (recently long-listed for the 2012 Man Booker Prize, short-listed for the Portico Prize 2012, and awarded the 2012 Arthur C. Clarke Award.) She has also been short-listed for the 2009 BBC National Short Story Award, came runner-up in the Guardian Fiction Prize, and has won the Somerset Maugham Award, the Writers’ Guild Best Fiction Book, and an Arts Council Award. she has also recieved a BAFTA nomination for best drama serial. Jane is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and Professor of Writing on the MA course at Sheffield Hallam University. For more information, visit
Supported by Arts Council England

Leila Khaled – Icon of Palestinian Liberation launch

Thursday, February 16th, 2012


Title: Leila Khaled – Icon of Palestinian Liberation launch
Location: MadLab
Description: Join us in celebrating the launch of Leila Khaled Icon of Palestinian Liberation by Sarah Irving
Date: 25-05-2012
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 22:00
Booking: £3 with complimentary drink








Dubbed ‘the poster girl of Palestinian militancy’, Leila Khaled’s image flashed across the world after she hijacked a passenger jet in 1969. The picture of a young, determined looking woman with a checkered scarf, clutching an AK-47, was as era-defining as that of Che Guevara.

In this intimate profile, based on interviews with Khaled and those who know her, Sarah Irving gives us the life-story behind the image. Key moments of Khaled’s turbulent life are explored, including the dramatic events of the hijackings, her involvement in the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (a radical element within the PLO), her opposition to the Oslo peace process and her activism today.

Leila Khaled’s example gives unique insights into the Palestinian struggle through one remarkable life – from the tension between armed and political struggle, to the decline of the secular left and the rise of Hamas, and the role of women in a largely male movement.

Sarah Irving is a writer and researcher who has lived in Manchester for 15 years and is the author of three books on Palestine. She has worked for various periods in the Middle East for over a decade, as a human rights observer, fair trade good buyer, tour guide and journalist.

We also hope to welcome Linda Clair, chair of Manchester PSC and a friend of Leila Khaled since the 1980s.