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Kimchi Workshop

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Let's Make Kimchi

Title: Kimchi Workshop
Location: MadLab (Downstairs)
Description: Learn how to make Kimchi, a spicy pickled dish synonymous with Korean cuisine in Manchester, using local ingredients.
Start Time: 11:00
Date: 2011-01-23
End Time: 14:00
Booking: Essential Spaces are limited.
Cost: £30

Everything you wanted to ask about kimchi but were afraid to ask!

The first cooking workshop to take in the new kitchen of the MadLab is about Kimchi. This pungent pickle is the lifeblood of Korean cuisine, and the key to understanding Korea and Koreans.

Although it never takes centre place, it is a constant on the table, versatile, and made from a variety of ingredients. Kimchi types also vary from region to region, and this workshop will make kimchi that is unique to Manchester.

This is a hands-on course where you will get to see and make kimchi yourself. Ingredients are sourced from local shops, so it can be replicated easily later at home.

This intensive day will take you through the history and nutrition of the food while you learn to make 3 different types of kimchi.
The course will finish with a traditional post-kimchi making Korean lunch with added taster menu and selection of traditional ban-chan (small side dishes that accompany most Korean meals).

There are more than a hundred varieties of kimchi, made from everything from cabbages to cucumbers to aubergines. This workshop will focus on the three most enjoyable kimchi types:  Chinese Leaf(Baechu Kimchi- 배추김치) , Mooli Kimchi(Kak dugi-깍두기), and Cucumber (ohei sobaeki-오이소배기)

Please Bring…

Your favourite sharp knife and cutting board. All other ingredients* will be provided, including containers to carry your fresh kimchi home.

Lunch Menu

Boiled Pork rubbed with soybean paste (Bossam 보쌈)
Beef and mixed veg. stir fried (Bulgogi 불고기)
Kimchi pan fried Korean style pancake (Kimchi Jun 김치전)
Spicy Tofu soup with seafood and Kimchi juice (Soondubu 순두부찌개)
Boiled Rice
Various Ban-chan (not limited to…)

  • Seasoned Spinich (Shegumchi Namul 시금치나물)
  • Seasoned Mung Bean Sprouts 쑥주나물
  • Seasoned Sesame Leaf 깻잎
  • Dried Anchovies 멸치자반
  • Seasoned Beans 콩자반
  • Seasoned Burdock 우엉조림

About the Tutor

Sang Won (@andrewswjung)has been inspired and driven by food, especially his native Korean food. It is one of his passions to cook on a regular basis and to spread the joy in both making and eating rich and healthy Korean cuisine. Although he is not fully trained as a professional  chef, he has been continuously cooking in the Korean household despite his grandmother’s belief that boys don’t belong in the kitchen.

If you have any questions, please contact for more information. If you are into twitter, we are using #MCRKimchi for the event
This recipe contains fishstock, the lunch contains meat.
Tickets are non-refundable – however, if you are unable to make the course they make an ideal gift for a foodie friend
Photo Credit : usag.yongsan, ‘Garrison volunteers making kimchi for needy families