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Mitch Altman workshop at MadLab

Saturday, March 16th, 2013
Mitch is back!

Mitch is back!

Title: Mitch Altman workshop at MadLab
Location: MadLab
Description: Solder cool stuff! Make things!
Date: 03-05-2013
Start Time: 14:00
End Time: 18:00
Booking: Tickets are £2 (which goes towards running MadLab). Mitch is donating his expertise for free.


Mitch Altman is in town on Friday May 3, and will be giving one of his famous workshops at MadLab! Mitch has taught thousands of people to solder and make cool things with microcontrollers – at workshops, hacker spaces, hacker conferences and schools.

He can teach you, too, if you like.

Mitch Altman Hackday

If you’ve ever been curious about making something with electronics, then please join us.

Anyone and everyone can learn to make cool things. And it’s fun. And easy. And may involve turning off TVs in the Arndale Centre*. You can learn to make something cool with electronics in one workshop, and take your cool project home with you!

It is totally OK to come late. Stay as little or as long as you like. Most projects take about 1 to 2 hours.

Come join us!

All skill levels. Everyone is welcome. Children will need to bring an adult friend.
Kits will be available to buy on the day and cost between £10 and £20 (see full list below).

There will be plenty of cool kits available to build, including:

  • TV-B-Gone (turn off TVs in public places!)
  • Brain Machine (meditate, hallucinate, and Trip Out!)
  • LEDcube (cool cube of blinky lights!)
  • Mignonette Game (play fun games!)
  • Trippy RGB Waves (interactive coloured blinky lights!)
  • MiniPOV (more cool blinky lights!)
  • MintyBoost (charge your USB enabled gadgets!)
  • Microcontroller programmers (programme all your AVR family chips!)

More info on most of most of these projects is available here.

If you have your own project, please bring it and make it with us at MadLab.

Mitch is the brains behind Cornfield Electronics, and one of the co-founders of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco. Mitch is best known as the inventor of TV-B-Gone, but his list of great hacks and cool electronics includes a lot of other great projects. When he is not at Noisebridge building awesome and amazing things, he is on the road from hackerspace to Hacker-Con and back again, sharing his love of electronics.

Here are some photos from the last time Mitch was at MadLab.

* MadLab is very responsible and does not condone this sort of irresponsible behavior

Ye Olde Hack Day

Saturday, March 16th, 2013
Ye Olde Hack Day

Ye Olde Hack Day

Location: MadLab
Description: Hackday – Victorian style!
Date:  04-05-2013
Start Time: 11:30
End Time: 18:00
Booking: Book a spot!

cycling manCatch the Victorian spirit of ingenious and fantastical mechanical invention by making a low-tech automaton controlled by cams, cogs and levers. There won’t be a microchip in sight!

Using pre-made components, participants will construct a basic crank and camshaft-powered mechanism. This skeletal mechanism is the experimental springboard to design and create an automaton powered by hand. It can be hacked around in any way – and more complex mechanisms built-on.

A variety of mechanical parts, construction and decorative materials will be provided. Please bring a bag of bits and pieces (nothing heavy though!). Tins, small boxes, odd little bits of wood, small old toys, curious found objects and old Xmas tree baubles – or anything that could be used to create whacky kinetic designs – are all good!

Creative ideas will most likely be sparked by playing around with the movements and harnessing their intrinsic characteristics. Fantasy, mischievousness and experimentation will be the order of the day.

About workshop leader Stephen Guy

Stephen has been involved with automata for many years, having first discovered them at Cabaret Mechanical Theatre when it had a permanent home in London’s Covent Garden.

He specialises in devising automata workshops for museums, science centres, colleges and schools – including London’s Science Museum, the V&A, the Design Museum – and of course Cabaret. He has run experimental mechanical theatre courses at Rose Bruford College, and co-founded Fire the Inventor to promote the culture of making.

His fascination with automata is rooted in the alliance of free artistic licence with the discipline of engineering, and the idea of machines as performers and entertainers. Best of all, he likes how – with a little ingenuity and an open mind – the simplest mechanisms can produce amazing results.

Check out one of his past workshops here.

Heritage Lottery FundYe Olde Hack Day is part of ‘The Ghosts of St Pauls’ – a series of MadLab events about the history of the Northern Quarter, supported by an ‘All Our Stories’ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).
All Our Stories is a brand new small grant programme, launched earlier this year in support of BBC Two’s The Great British Story – and is designed as an opportunity for everyone to get involved in their heritage. With HLF funding and support, community groups are carrying out activities that help people explore, share and celebrate their local heritage.

Lovely Data Transport Hack Day

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Lovely Transport Hacking

Title: Lovely Data Transport Hack Day
Location: MadLab
Description: Lovely Data is a series of Open Data hack days sponsored by Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) and run in partnership with Open Data Manchester, DataGM, FutureEverything and the MadLab. The theme of the very first Lovely Data, taking place on Saturday 9 April 2011, is Transport.
Start Time: 10:30
Date: 2011-04-09
End Time: 17:00
Booking: Free, but please book a place.

Do you have ideas on how to improve public transport and travel information in Manchester?

Are you a developer or designer who wants to build great applications using public transport data?

Do you work in local government and want to know more about Open Data at a practical level?

Do you just want to get your hands on lots of Lovely Data?

Lovely Data is a series of Open Data hack days sponsored by Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) – part of Manchester City Council – and run in partnership with Open Data ManchesterDataGMFutureEverything and the Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab).

Read more about Lovely Data on the lovely blog.

The theme of the very first Lovely Data, taking place on Saturday 9 April 2011, is Transport.

We’d like you to share your ideas, play with public transport data sets, build cool applications that show off your skills, and give feedback on how public data can be improved.

You’ll learn more about the Data GM – the open data catalogue for Greater Manchester – and give feedback on how it can be improved.

You don’t need to be a super geek to get something out of the day (though super geeks are always welcome!). If you’ve got a great idea you can team up with someone who’s got some coding skills.

What you’ll need to bring

Ideas on improving public transport data! They’re always good.

A computer you can create, design and / or code stuff on.

Not a programmer? Bring a computer or mobile anyway and you can help with research on the day or testing the websites and things that people make from your ideas.

Some projectors will be available, but please bring your own VGA adapter if you want connect.

Any questions?

Leave a comment on the Lovely Data blog and Alan Holding at MDDA (that’s me!) will do his best to help.

Teas, coffees and lunch will be provided.

Please note that the MadLab will also be hosting a writer’s group meeting in the afternoon, so please be prepared to move around a bit to accommodate them.


This event is sponsored by the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.