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Omniversity WordPress for Beginners review

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

The past weekend saw a group of novices gather together from far and wide to learn the secrets of WordPress from none other than one of its co-founders, Mike Little.
WordPress for Beginners

The ‘WordPress for Beginners’ workshop was pitched as an introductory course to WordPress and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The course covered pretty much everything the uninitiated would need to know, starting from the basics such as creating a post to more advanced topics such as themes and plug-ins, with a dash of CSS editing for those interested in taking their skills further. We started with learning how to install WordPress (and yes, it can be done within five minutes or in the case of this demonstration, with about a minute spare!), coming to grips with the basic anatomy of the blog formatted website and learning how to navigate the dashboard and what the various types of content were. All the features were gone over in great detail and we were regularly given the opportunity to have a go at configuring our WordPress sites.