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EcoHome Lab – launch and build workshop report

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

EcoHome Lab launched this weekend (19th/20th April 2013) with two fascinating and involving events taking place at MadLab in Manchester. These sessions were part of Carbon Co-op‘s new project to assist householders in taking greater control of their homes through use of open source tools.

The weekend started on Friday evening with Matt Fawcett of Carbon Co-op and Trystan Lea of OpenEnergyMonitors running an introductory workshop on the use of the Arduino platform – a really simple programming environment that enables participants to control bits of technology and kit such as the OpenEnergyMonitors.

This session was followed by a short launch to the project with presentations from Matt and Trystan on the potential of open source technologies and OpenEnergyMontiors in particular, and from Jonathan Atkinson of Carbon Co-op and Eleni Kalkantzi of URBED Co-op, on the potential for these tools to empower householders and provide new methodologies for household energy and retrofit assessment.


Ecohome lab – introduction & launch event

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
Carbon Co-op Community Renewables Finance School

Carbon Co-op Community Renewables Finance School

Title: Ecohome lab – introduction & launch event
Location: MadLab
Date: 19-04-2013
Start Time: 18:00
End Time: 21:00
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Heard about ArduinoRaspberry Pi or OpenEnergyMonitors and want to get stuck in?
We’ve scheduled an event which is part workshop, part introduction to the field and part social.

If you’re just curious about the potential of this technology come along at 8pm. If you want to get hand-on come along at 6pm for the practical elements. If you’re new to this area and want to participate in other elements of the project attendance is pretty much essential!


6-7pm – Tooling up – Bring your laptops to MadLab and we’ll take you through setting up the open-source Arduino prototyping environment, installing libraries and using GitHub.

7-8pm – Setting up your Raspberry Pi. We’ll learning how to put a ready made image of the operating system and webserver onto an SD card and how to access your new Raspberry pi system from your computer.

8-9pm – An introduction to ‘the internet of things’ and its applications for making radical, collective reductions in household energy use.

Followed by a social in Common Bar…