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Sunday, February 19th, 2012


Title: Ucubed
Location: MadLab
Description: UCubed is an event that focuses on Ubuntu and Debian based distributions, and encourages users to become more involved in the community.
Date: 28-04-2012
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 17:00
Booking: Register your place here 




  • Have you heard of this free software thing or this Linux thing and are curious to find out more?
  • Have you ever wondered how the Open Source software you use is created, distributed and maintained?
  • Would you like how to find the best way you can help others in the community?
  • Are you an artist and would like to know about the different ways of getting your works out there?
  • Maybe you’d like to try the latest release of Ubuntu to see what’s coming?

Can you answer yes to any of the above?

The day will be mainly focused around Ubuntu and Debian related systems but other Linux distributions will be welcome

Events on the day will consist of:

  • Talks and presentations held by attendees
  • An Install area to help with any installations
  • Workshops
  • A chance to meet like minded people for a natter over a brew or two

Ucubed will be a FREE event and will be hosted by the MadLab Manchester

Debian Bug Squashing Party

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Debian Bug Squashing Party

Title: Debian Bug Squashing Party
Location: MadLab
Description: Debian Bug Squashing Party to help get Squeeze released
Date: 2010-11-13
Start Time: 13:00
End Time: 21:00

Date: 2010-11-14
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 18:00

This two day event is a Debian Bug Squashing Party (BSP) to help get the next release of Debian out. To do this we need to get the number of Release Critical (RC) bugs down.

This is *not* a training nor unconference nor UnWorkshop event such as .

This is a getting stuff done event.

To get an idea what is involved see “Squashing Release-Critical Bugs in Debian: A Primer

There are BSP are happening in other countries.

There is one in Bern (Switzerland) on November 27th-28th and Paris on 30th-31st October.

For more details and to sign up visit: