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Kinokologue 1: sonic specimen – Review

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Kinokologue 1 is an installation by Kinokophone. Kinokophone is a sound and storytelling collective, producing work for installations, sound for documentary films, ethnographic research, oral history projects and anything else they think is interesting and fun! Through working on so many projects, they have amassed a large collection of recordings. Many of the recordings are used in a particular project, while others remain stored forever on stacks of hard drives, waiting to be heard… So Kinokophone started to imagine how they could possibly go about creating an interactive physical archive of all these sounds, so that other people could explore and enjoy them. This is where the idea for Kinokolouge came about and with funding provided by the Cornerhouse Micro Commissions and support from the Paul Hamlyn foundation, they could begin to experiment with their sonic specimen… (more…)