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MadLab XMAS Passed Social

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Fancy Dress at MadLab

Title: MadLab XMAS Passed Social
Location: MadLab
Description: Come revel at the annual MadLab end of year fundraiser.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2011-12-08
End Time: 23:59
Dress Code: to impress…as someone who has passed the great divide in the year 2011

Hello folks, it’s that time of year again when we look back and take note of the past 12 months. MadLab invite you to celebrate and commemorate the past year with a fancy dress party.

The Party!

There will be an award for the best dressed costume, raffle for prizes and of course the legendary dance-off. Many greats have passed on this year, so we don’t think you’ll have trouble coming up with ideas. Maybe throw some queries and ideas around on twitter? #MadXMAS or you can always check the obits….

So what have we done in so far this year? Some of you may remember our Royal Wedding Reception. Well, we’ve been pretty busy since then….

Highlights of 2011

Omniversity of Manchester

What started off with a few Arduino courses has grown into over 20 courses (popular ones repeating) ranging subjects from physical computing, professional web development Ruby on Rail, SAP, HTML5, short story writing to projection mapping and many more. We’re looking to expand and broaden our offerings next year, so if you have something in mind, take a moment to fill in our Crowd Sourced Curriculum Survey.


MadLab has participated in a few festivals this year, both here and away. Some examples are MakerFaire (with HACMan), FutureEverything, Abandon Normal Devices, Asia Triennial Manchester and Manchester Science Festival (including the first DIYBIO Summit).


The communities that meet here are the life blood of MadLab, with over 40 groups who now call us home. Here are some brand new groups who’ve joined us this year.

Did you know we have a vimeo channel of our groups? Check them out!


We try to keep the ground floor interesting and inspiring. Thanks to all the curators, artists and invigilators for helping to put on MERZMAN, User Generated Content, twice removed, 38° of Separation and Microbiology and Art.

Thanks Again

We hope you can help us let make merry, and see you there! If you are interested in donating a prize for the raffle, please contact Natalie. We’re covered for booze Thanks Marble! and mince pies, but don’t be shy in bringing some food to share (please leave a comment below for contributions).