T Shirt Competition Winner

After fierce competition from many talented designers, we have finally chosen a winner.

And this is…. *drum roll*….

Kerry Sholicar from Magma Digital!

Congratulations Kerry!

However we are not releasing the design until the Christmas Party, so you better come down & see it for yourself!

Kerry also gave us an insight into its making…

“MadLab is a space that thrives and exists from the wonderful ideas and events of local communities.

The “bubble” borrowed from the MadLab logo is used to encapsulate illustrated elements that express a handful of thoughts, ideas and events that happen in the space. The sketchy style represents the relaxed friendly atmosphere that MadLab hosts, whilst the small box gives a sense of scale to the many communities that MadLab supports.”

And if you would like to say hello to her, you can give her the thumbs up here. So we would like to say a big thank you to all those who gave in their designs & will look forward to seeing you at the Christmas shindig!

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