Student Allotment Party & Social at the Manchester Museum

Saturday 11th June @ Manchester Museum

MadLab is proud to be part of the Student socials on the 11th of June. We’ll be down at the brilliant Manchester Museum to see some frogs, listen to the Samba, and show off the Project-A-Sketch. If you’ve played with it before, we added some upgrades, and if you haven’t this is the perfect chance! Come down to the all day event, and experience….

Student Allotment Party, 12-4pm

Come for a biodiverse allotment party with live music from School of Samba and RNCM Opera students, workshops, refreshments and more to celebrate Manchester Museum’s new allotment!
All students welcome! Check out the latest updates.
Here’s what’s happening

  • School of Samba performance (3:30-4pm)
  • Workshop by Alexandra Arts artist, Lotte Karleson
  • RNCM opera students performing 1-2pm
  • The Student Social, 6-9pm

    The Student Social is a social and cultural event for students and also acts as a platform for student talent, creativity and participation. Come to a late night gallery opening with live music, workshops, Madlab/HACMan’s Project-A-Sketch, Vivarium tours, frogs, geckos, biodiversity, refreshments and more at Manchester Museum to celebrate the new Living Worlds gallery!
    Check out the latest updates.

  • Gramophone swing music
  • Project-A-Sketch
  • Tours of vivarium by zoology students
  • Handling sessions (chameleon and geckos)
  • Badge Making workshop.
  • Profiling BA Design for Digital Media Living Worlds project
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