Steady-State Manchester

Title: Steady-State Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: For local prosperity, justice & climate safety
Date: 19-07-2012
Start Time: 18:30
End Time: 21:00


Do you want to help make Manchester a greener and fairer place?
Do you want to help make Manchester ready for the post-growth economy?
Do you want to make new friends and learn new skills?
Local people are coming together on the evening of Thursday 19th July at MadLab

We’ll discuss food, cycling, fuel poverty, democracy and much more.

We’ll look at what has already been done to make this coming October’s “Beyond Growth” report a reality. That report, which is being written from the grassroots up, looks at how we can act together for local prosperity, justice and climate safety.

No death by powerpoint, no lectures –  just having fun and finding out how you can be involved.

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