SpecFic Writing Group

Speculative Fiction Writing

Speculative Fiction Writing

Title: SpecFic Writing Group
Location: MadLab
Description: A group for writers interested in science fiction, weird fiction, slipstream, horror or fantasy.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-06-02
End Time: 21:00

Seven writers attended the first meeting of the Speculative Fiction writing group a couple of weeks ago.  We discussed what we were interested in writing, what we hoped to get out of the group, and how it should work.

We decided to try meeting twice a month, with the option to go down to once a month if it seemed like a better fit for the group. We will be meeting from 7-9 on Wednesday nights in the top floor of MadLab on Edge Street. In June, we’ll be meeting on the 2nd and the 23rd. Not everyone who wants to be involved in the group will be expected to come every time.

We agreed to model the group on the Turkey City SF Writer’s Workshop, which is explained in full here. (Also have a look at the rest of the Turkey City lexicon, a much-loved and very funny guide to what NOT to do when writing speculative fiction.)

Essentially, they way Turkey City works is everyone who wants to come to the group has to have a piece of writing of their own to be critiqued:  a short story or chapter of less than 7,500 words (often a great deal less!) These will be circulated a week or so before the group meets to give everyone time to read them and comment on them (we will be setting up a dropbox account where we can all upload and download the stories online).

During the meeting, group members take turns offering their constructive criticism and responses to each person’s piece while the writer in question clams up and takes it like a man…  and presumably takes notes in order to improve their work.

We talked about the option of having less-serious sessions once in a while or guest speakers, which is something we can look at as the group evolves.

We may set up an email list but for the time being these posts on the MadLab website will be mission control. Anyone is welcome to come, with the caveat that this group is specifically for people who are writing speculative fiction, which means all flavours of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, slipstream or weird fiction.

Questions? Put ‘em in the comments below…

Also, any ideas for twitter hashtags? I was thinking maybe #specficmcr…?