Sci-Fi Book Club: The Forever War

Thanks for everyone who came up the inaugural book club meet.

Group Photo

We are now #mcrsf on twitter. Seemed the tag was a group consensus, so the Ominbus has been donated to the MadLab library.

Here is a great collection of Q&A’s from Joe Halerman.

Also Sue from the Central Library says

” Manchester Libraries have just bought 10 copies of each of the next three books (Drowned World, Left HAnd of Darkness & Neuromancer) for the reading group. I ordered them today so as soon as they arrive we’ll deliver them to the MadLab where you can borrow them. I’ll let you know on here when they are available.”

Make sure you join the GoogleGroup to continue the discourse.

Here are Adrian’s thoughts, if you’ve blogs about it, add your thoughts along too!