Sci-Fi Book Club – Neuromancer

MCRSF Neuromancer
For this month’s Sci Fi book club, Simon enthusiastically advocated William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic Neuromancer. Before the meeting began, Tim managed to rummage through The Madlab’s graveyard of electronics dig out a computer from the era the novel was written in, resulting in a centrepiece which helped put the book in context.

Intially Neuromancer was received with a frosty reception; many members had struggled to finish the book which came as a surprise considering the book’s acclaim as a science fiction classic. However Simon alongside other readers raised points which allowed other readers to see the novel in a different light, and highlighted how much technology had changed in the last twenty-five years. We also discussed the influence Neuromancer had on modern film, such as The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell. Have a look at Sarah’s write of the meeting and her thoughts on Neuromancer

We also conducted a vote to choose the next four books along with their advocates. here are the results in the order which they will be read:

The City & the City
-  China Miéville : Advocated by Dave
2001: A Space Odyssey – Arthur C Clarke : advocated by Beks
Player of games – Iain M Banks Advocated by Nads
The Carpet Makers – Andreas Eschbach  Advocated by Helen

Next month we will be discussing Ursula K. Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness on Tuesday 18th at the later time of 7pm.

As always, you are encouraged to join the Google Group to continue the discourse, and #mcrsf if you are on twitter.

-guest writer Ryan McKay