Ruby & Rails Bootcamp 3 months after

Ruby & Rails CourseLearning a new skill is great, and we are always trying to find courses that people are interested in. Equally important is the application of those skills. We caught up with some of the attendees of the very first Ruby and Rails Bootcamp to see what they thought after some time away and how they were using their new found skills.

This course was our first intensive 3 day course about Ruby and Rails. This practical and hands-on course had the upstairs buzzing with energy and concentration. Immediate feedback was quite encouraging despite the amount of material to cover, however Stuart Feltham noted “The course material was well written and easy to follow, and a godsend to come back to at a later date.”.


But what about 3 months later?
Joseph Adams

The Ruby & Rails bootcamp was great and I am currently building an enterprise chat service with the things I learnt from the bootcamp. I would definitely go on a advanced course if there was one and would recommend anyone to go to the bootcamp.

Paul D’Ambra

I’ve started fleshing out an idea with a colleague in London using Ruby so there may even be a working actual website out of it.

and of course Nick Pyett‘s blog soon after he attended the course.

The next Ruby & Rails Bootcamp

If you are interested in this course, we are running it from 30th Nov – 2nd Dec this year. Sign and more information here.

Some ways to develop the course, taking in the feedback is to include more TDD (Test Driven Development). If you’ve been on this course or have suggestions, please leave a comment!

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