Review on The first #Mad_Gng film night

The first #Mad_Gng film night took place in September in which we viewed The Crow, a film adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by James O’Barr. The group started with a half hour discussion at the start to see people’s opinion of the book. This was followed by a break for food and then onto the film viewing!!!

Beer, Pic n’ Mix and popcorn was provided as we all sat down to view the film. The interesting thing was the contrasting beliefs about which were the better of the two. Some thought it was an action flick that paled in comparison to the book but one person thought the book was a drawn out revenge fantasy and the film had a faster pace and was thus a more enjoyable version.

Overall as a prototype film night, there were several positives and minor negatives. The positives are that the films can be watched and appreciated within the time the group usually meets and the beverages and snacks provided by the Madlab were a great addition as well.

The main area for improvement is associated with time management; the discussion was rushed and for that reason, the possibility of spreading the book and film over two sessions would be a good idea.

Written by Arun Hackett