Review on The Contract With God Trilogy, with the Graphic Novel Group

This month’s Graphic novel Group was a fabulous success with much discussion about The Contract with God by the one and only Will Eisner. Our host for this month’s group was long standing member Adam Mellor.

The Art played an interesting talking point, with several individuals pointing out its cartoonyness but also the fact that there is a notable maturation of the style.

The time periods in which the stories were set were a strong area of conversation, with some emphasis that the book was more about the people living in those times than the times those people lived in.

Each book in the trilogy had a different tale to tell, with philosophical, intellectual or emotional messages expressed.

The web comic “Think of the Children” by Christian Sager and EC Steiner inspired some conversation by itself, with focuses on the time period and the events. We were also very lucky to have a certain longstanding member who was very knowledgeable on the subject matter that the web comic was focused on.

This indeed was a fantastic group meeting and a book that will be difficult to top.

Written by Arun Hackett