Review on Manchester Girls’ Geek Afternoon Tea Party

Review on Manchester Girls’ Geek Afternoon Tea Party.

This was another opportunity for all the women from different sectors of Science and Engineering field to come together and have a Chit chat with tea and biscuits. It was also a great opportunity for them to bring up any research they have done and talk about it.

The programme was scheduled to start at 2 and guests arrived right on time. Professional time!!!!. There were around 13 guests altogether and they were all very friendly. I saw some familiar faces from last dinner. It was like another friends reunion as they recognized me from last time.

There were altogether 4 speakers in the event. The first speaker talked about how they are organising the events on the Manchester to socialize and spread the network. She talked about the events and games they organised called ’14 days in Manchester’. It was really fun and I am looking forward to join it soon. For more info click on

The second speaker was a Sound System Engineer and talked about what could have happened to today’s technology if we never knew about how to increase or decrease the TV volume and how these technologies have been advanced as time goes on.

The third speaker spoke about very interesting thing that made me realise that this is needed if I am geeky. If you need lots of book to study, you don’t need to spend pounds and pounds buying books from Amazon or any book store. You can just get eBooks for free. Amazon has this hidden treasure for those who know well. eBooks can be free or in cheap price compared to hard copy found in Amazon. We can also get that for free from Manchester libraries or

The fourth Speaker talked about how Germany has increased the Engineering job opportunities to encourage more females into this field. She also mentioned that they are organising ‘the girls day’ in April in different parts of Germany for the encouragement of the girls.

The event was scheduled till 4 pm but we were enjoying so much that we didn’t realise it was already quarter past 4 but there were still lots of things to talk about. After the talk, everyone went for 3rd round tea and had a chat with each other. The event made me realised that how important it is to organise this kind of events. I could see guests enjoyed the most and of course took lots of knowledge from this productive day.

Written by Parva Hiran