Freelance Friday Review

MadLab, the not-for-profit community space for all things creatively geeky, is always trying to broaden our audience and reach out to more people from all shades of digital. It’s great we are home to over 30 community groups who meet on a monthly basis, run workshops, seminars and exhibitions but not much goes on during the daytime.

So we thought we would trial daytime access for no particular purpose other than to share our resources. Freelance Friday was born to provide freelancers with desks, wifi (huge thanks to MDDA for High Speed connection), unlimited tea and coffee, breakfast and a space away from the bedroom. All this for a fiver – which would go back to supporting all the free events we hold at MadLab.

When we first posted the Freelance Friday on the MadLab’s website, our stats hit the roof and we received many comments of interested, and promotion from other sites interested in co-working and freelancing. People who have never been to MadLab came along to work with others, which was one of the main goals.

While the feedback from the individuals were positive, we need more numbers to make it a permanent open day.

As August is a holiday period for most, we have decided to take a break this month and plan to open again in September. We collected emails of all who came, and we will let you all know when we plan to have Freelance Friday back at MadLab.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Freelance Friday, and to those who volunteered there time Arun Hackett Paul Plowman Kaija- Luisa Kurik , big thanks to James McDonald the organiser of XP Manchester and Jon Vines the organiser of jQuery for sponsoring tea, coffee and those breakfast snacks.

Did you come to Freelance Friday? or do you want to come in September? we would like to know what you thought of the Freelance Friday, any ideas to help improve Freelance Friday’s? would you recommend this to your freelancers friends? please complete our small survey
and let us know….

Hope to see you all again in September!