Radio Production for Pod&Cloud casts

Radio Production

Title: Radio Production for Pod&Cloud casts
Location: MadLab
Description: This course will be focusing on capturing and presenting conversations, interviews and spoken word, with the intent of giving you the confidence to record and edit quality content for podcasting.
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2011-04-16
End Time: 17:30

A podcast is a digital audio or video file that is episodic; downloadable; programme-driven, mainly with a host and/or theme; and convenient, usually via an automated feed with computer software.

A Cloudcast is an extended audio show that is hosted in the “cloud”, in other words hosted somewhere centrally on the Internet rather than on your local hard-drive. Therefore, unlike Podcasts, Cloudcasts can be enjoyed via on-demand streaming without any waiting required.

Real World Examples

Pod&Cloud cast samples:

Resonance FM
Big Chill presents
Royal Society of Arts

What you need to be familiar with

This course is for the complete radio novice but we also welcome radio heads. You do not need prior knowledge/experience of radio production
You’ll need to know how to use your computer, your phone’s recording functions, edit files, and saving them.

What we won’t cover

While we’ll have a bank of music/sound files for you to access we won’t be making original music/sound for your podcast.

Software and costs

All software is freely available and copies will be distributed with the course materials on the day.
We’ll be using Adobe Audition to edit, mix and master sound recordings for podcast transmissions.

Equipment you’ll need

You will need to bring a computer, ideally a laptop, headphones and a digital sound recording device eg. your mobile phone (with its USB lead to download recordings) or ideally the likes of Alesis PalmTrack

To prepare for the course…

To sign up to Radio Production for Pod&Cloud casts course

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