Premium Pachube account with Internet of Things course

The lovely people at Pachube have taken the opportunity to sponsor our Omniversity Building the Internet of Things course. This means, they are offering a free upgrade to a Pachube Premium account to every participant who attends, giving them the best possible Pachube experience.

So what is it? Essentially, it is a on-line database service provider for developers to connect sensor data to the web, and upon that build their own applications. Its a data brokerage platform, which created a list for the Internet of Things, managing millions of data points per day from thousands of individuals, organisations and companies across the world. From this, you can store, share and discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices and buildings, from anywhere you wish.

Pachube Connecting to Devices and Sensors

This, of course, links incredibly neatly to our Internet of Things course, which is an exploration of the channels between the virtual and real worlds, and Pachube allows you to instantaneously throw data from the real world directly onto the web and to share, discuss and debate with other users.

Find out more about Pachube here.

An intriguing project that was power housed was created by an arduino & a Pacube account, was FACTs Environmental Monitoring project for their roof. This Liverpudlian arts institution has been doing some time-lapse photography of the growth of their roof garden and building vegetable synthesizers with some of the produce grown. Local artists thought it would be a good idea to do some monitoring of their progress, and publish the data to the internet- so they asked Adrian McEwan, the course leader, to get involved. His creation monitored temperature, light level, soil moisture, air quality, carbon monoxide levels and Ozone level, amongst other things, and then Pachube shared this across the web.

So only your imagination is the limit as to how you can use this- and you can be inspired on the Building the Internet of Things course. So as well as arming you with knowledge, equipment, networks, a tutor and like minded peers, we now have Pachube. If you’re still not sure, take a look at one of the Omniversity’s alumni review of the course. See you there!

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