Open Data Manchester

Open Data Manchester

Title: Open Data Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: Open Data in Manchester
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2010-07-29
End Time: 21:00

Manchester is overflowing with developers, designers and people curious about statistical data and information visualisation. They all have ideas about how to use publicly available data from a wide range of sources. Come along and join the Open Data revolution.

Our mission as a group is to:

  • Help developers and designers become more familiar with tools, datasets and other projects around the World
  • Identify datasets of use to local data users and of interest to us generally
  • To provide a catalyst for local authorities in Manchester and the North so that they might make data available for exploration, knowing there are established groups who wish to use it
  • Encourage public bodies to release their data for the benefit of everyone
  • Do cool stuff with large datasets
  • Find out what other people are doing with Open Data

More information here:

We also have a Googlegroup for people to post and share:


6.30pm: Turn-up/introductions/etc.
7pm: Introduction from Paul Robinson
7.10pm: Steven Flower from will be sharing stories from the front-line
Rest of evening: TBC soon
8.30pm: Wrap-up and adjourn to a bar nearby (possibly Common?)
If you plan to attend, please add your details to the Wiki: