Open Data Manchester

Open Data Manchester

Title: Open Data Manchester

Location: MadLab

Description: Open Data in Manchester

Start Time: 18:30

Date: 2011-03-29

End Time: 20:30

Open Data Manchester is a meetup for all people who are interested in making data open for the benefit of citizens, businesses and public bodies alike. The meetings are mix of presentation, conversation and sharing of tips, hacks and data.

The event is an open forum and free, so come on down.

If you want to get more involved with Open Data in Manchester there is an active Googlegroup here

This month we will have the usual roundup regarding what is going on Open Data wise in Greater Manchester and beyond including feedback from the launch of DataGM. We will also be welcoming iConomical from Amsterdam Who have done a wealth of lovely infographics including Where Does Your Money Go
Other things that may or may not be talked about – Licensing and Open Data’s favourite mapping organisation Ordnance Survey.