Open Data Manchester

Open Data Manchester

Title: Open Data Manchester
Location: MadLab
Description: Open Data in Manchester
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2010-08-24
End Time: 21:00

Manchester is overflowing with developers, designers and people curious about statistical data and information visualisation. They all have ideas about how to use publicly available data from a wide range of sources. Come along and join the Open Data revolution.

Our mission as a group is to:

  • Help developers and designers become more familiar with tools, datasets and other projects around the World
  • Identify datasets of use to local data users and of interest to us generally
  • To provide a catalyst for local authorities in Greater Manchester and the North so that they might make data available for exploration, knowing there are established groups who wish to use it
  • Encourage public bodies to release their data for the benefit of everyone
  • Do cool stuff with large datasets
  • Find out what other people are doing with Open Data

It has been an interesting month for Open Data in Manchester. Last month we saw the release of the GMPTE timetable information and a number of apps have been built off the back of that.

Trafford still continues to release interesting datasets, especially GIS and spending data.

Topics for discussion

What Data has been released and what data we would like.
Manchester City Council Data Sets what can be released
Ben Gibbs talking about what has been done with the Trafford data
Consolidating our web presence. CKAN?
Other stuff.

See you there